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Electronic Scoreboards -

Remote Controlled

Ever been at a competition to find some person running around writing down scores, adding them up, adjusting the master scoreboard...... only to find by the time that was done, the scores had changed !!!!

The BBS Automatic Electronic Scoreboards ensure this
will never happen again.

BBS is excited to announce the launch of the first ever Automatic Electronic Scoreboard system for lawn bowls. Having listened to bowlers around Australia, BBS have designed and manufactured its Electronic Scoreboards to solve all the issues raised.


BBS has designed and manufactured two fantastic scoreboards :

  • Remote Controlled Rink Scoreboards to be placed at any end of any rink.
  • Automatic Master Scoreboards that automatically receive the signals from the Rink Scoreboards and displays the total score of up to 4 rinks.

Each Scoreboard Set consists of 4 Rink Scoreboards plus 1 Master Scoreboard. The perfect Pennant set.

The BBS scoreboards are designed to provide accurate, easily legible score information to any bowlers or spectators from a considerable distances day or night, and from almost any angle.

The Individual Rink Scoreboards are managed by the skipper using our simple Antennae less, waterproof remote control.

The Master Scoreboards are automatically updated and total up to 4 rink scoreboards within a split second of any of the rink scoreboard being changed. Providing permanent, accurate progressive scores for pennant, practice or barefoot games.

No more arguments over the scoreboard.

No more running around writing down rink scores, adding them up, and adjusting the master scoreboard.

Massive benefits over any other scoring system include :

100% self installation. Unpack the boxes. Plug and Play. Low Voltage. No electrician required.

  • All scoreboards are waterproof.
  • All power converters are waterproof, encased in a waterproof housings designed for outdoor use.
  • All cables are configured with waterproof plugs. No hard wiring required. Just plug in the waterproof sockets.
  • All numbers are large illuminated 3 row LED 8 inches tall numbers.
  • Good spacing between numbers.
  • Different colours for Home, Away and Ends to allow easy reading and differentiation.
  • Rink and Master scoreboards have matching colour coding.
  • Automatically light sensor built into every scoreboard.
  • Controlled variable frequencies, to allowing non conflicting future scoreboard purchases.
  • Remote controls waterproof. No antennae to break, no battery cover to loose.
  • All scoreboards are portable. Easily mountable and demountable. Move them from one rink, to another, anytime.
  • Master Scoreboards can be anywhere within 100 meters of Rink Scoreboards
  • Space for your Clubs Logo to be applied.
  • 12 month warranty on all parts.
  • Spare parts available ex-stock in Australia.
  • Replaceable remote controls.

Call us on (03) 9873 0101 or Toll Free on 1300 66 36 35.